Directional Boring

Horizontal boring permits the installation of pipe or conduit across large areas with little disturbance of the land. Roads, waterways and other obstacles good cause and effect topics for an essay can be crossed quickly and cost-effectively. And the environment benefits from the minimal disruption of surface vegetation and soil, making horizontal boring the environmentally sound, preferred installation method.

Our directional drills can perform a wide range of installations, including diameters up to 36” and lengths up to 5,000 feet. Every rig is dispatched with full support equipment consisting of vacuum water trucks, pipe rollers, excavators, and a wide selection of downhole tools best essay services – everything it takes to finish the job. Our employees are equipped with state-of-the-art electronic locators and the best drilling software to successfully plan and accurately drill every bore. We provide a final bore report upon completion of each job.

More importantly, we’re committed to fielding the most talented and best trained people in the business. We conduct ongoing training, education and safety instruction for all of our employees to ensure our customers are pleased with safe, on-time and on-spec projects that minimize environmental impact and protect landowner interests.

Nelson Directional Boring is committed to being the best in the directional boring industry by continually investing in the best people and equipment.