Nelson Directional Boring was started by Chuck Nelson, who began doing directional boring with C&S Directional Boring in the mid ‘90s. At the time, directional boring was considered a novel method of underground construction.

Today, our company is based in central Oklahoma and provides directional boring (also known as horizontal directional drilling or HDD) throughout Oklahoma an custom+assignment+help the southern plains, including work in Texas, Kansas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Our company is built on core values of:

  • Accountability – taking ownership of the work and consequences for actions
  • Problem solving – overcoming obstacles and resolving uncertainty
  • Reliability – finish every project on-time and on-spec
  • Valuing people – treating employees, customers and landowners with fairness and respect

We know that underground construction is unpredictable and projects can get complicated in a hurry. To be the best, our objective is to field the most talented team on every project.  We accomplish this by hiring only the best and maintaining a comprehensive, qualification-based training program to ensure our operators and supervisors are leaders in the directional boring industry.  Our current project supervisors average 15 years of experience.

We show-up at every job with the equipment to complete the project, including water trucks, mud recycling systems, excavators, and pipe rollers. From start to finish, we bring what it takes to get the project done

The goal is simple: converting first-time customers to lifetime customers, one project at a time.